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Deep Linking is Dangerous
Deep Linking is linking to content buried deep within a website. They are referred to as "deep" because they are often two or more directories deep within a website. Since some of the content that people are looking for is based on a subscription model, deep linking is considered something to avoid. It is better to ask for limited permission to display the content you are wishing to share with your sites' visitors.

Alt Tags are awesome!
"Alt" tags are HTML "tags" that allows a browser to display text instead of a graphic. Some search engines read these tags in order to help with rankings. You can modify these alt tags to read whatever you want! When the image appears and the visitor moves their mouse over it, the alt tag displays your text. When the image does not appear, the alt tag appears instead.

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Browser Compatibility

Make sure that while you are creating web pages that you check to make sure that that appear properly in different browsers. Some of the most important to check are Internet Explorer, Netscape and the AOL browser. In addition to checking web pages, check to see if your bulk emails appear as you have designed them in the various email programs.

Spend time on your Doorway Pages!
A doorway page should be designed as more than just an entrance to a web site. Many doorway pages a specifically created to rank high on a particular search engines. Sometimes referred to as a Gateway Page or a Welcome Mat Pages, a good doorway pages will not only encourage return visits but one that is properly designed will help improve your ranking on search engines.

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